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At The Journal of Paranormal Research, we delve into the mysterious and unexplained with an commitment to scientific rigor and scholarly integrity. Catering to professional paranormal researchers, educators, paranormal exterminators, and parapsychologists, our journal stands as a beacon of knowledge in the often-misunderstood field of paranormal studies.

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About Our Research

Dive into a vast repository of cutting-edge research. Our meticulously curated articles offer in-depth analyses of paranormal phenomena, from spectral manifestations to psychokinetic occurrences. Our contributors are esteemed experts in their respective fields, ensuring that each piece of research adheres to the highest standards of academic excellence.

Spectral Phenomena and Ghostly Apparitions:

Investigating historical and contemporary reports of hauntings and ghost sightings, including environmental and psychological factors.

Psychokinesis and Telekinesis:

Exploring cases and potential scientific explanations for the manipulation of objects and environments through mental power.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP):

Studies on telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and other forms of ESP, including controlled experiments and statistical analysis.

UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life:

Examining sightings, abductions, and government disclosures, as well as the implications for science and humanity.


Researching cryptids like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and other elusive creatures, including analysis of evidence and ecological implications.

Near-Death Experiences and Life After Death:

Investigating the experiences reported by individuals who have had near-death experiences, including physiological and psychological aspects.

Ancient Mysteries and Archaeological Anomalies:

Delving into unexplained phenomena from history, such as the construction of Stonehenge or the Nazca Lines.

Occult Practices and Ritualistic Studies:

Analyzing historical and modern occult practices, their cultural significance, and potential paranormal aspects.

Interdimensional and Time Slip Phenomena:

Investigating reports of time anomalies, alternate dimensions, and unexplained temporal experiences.

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